Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Services in Short Pump & Richmond, VA

Water running in a metal sink with green and yellow sponge.Meal prep and cleanup can be difficult and unpleasant without a properly functioning garbage disposal. A broken disposal may smell bad and make noise. They can also cause blocked or slow drains and other plumbing problems.

Whether you need a new garbage disposal or it’s time to fix the broken one in your Richmond or Short Pump, VA, home, you can count on expert plumbers at Short Pump Heating & Air for fast, first-class services.

For garbage disposal services in Short Pump or Richmond, VA, contact Short Pump Heating & Air or call (804) 364-9040 today.

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Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement for Richmond Homeowners

If your garbage disposal has reached the end of its service life — or if it’s causing more problems than it’s worth — Short Pump Heating & Air can install a new garbage disposal for you. We can recommend the best new disposal for your needs and install it quickly and efficiently.

As part of our garbage disposal installation service, we will:

  • Lay down dropcloths to protect your home.
  • Carefully remove your old disposal.
  • Flawlessly install your new garbage disposal, safely hooking it up to your electrical system and plumbing system.
  • Test your new disposal to ensure it’s working properly.

With our professional garbage disposal replacement and installation services, you can be confident you’re set for years of reliable service.

When it’s time for a new garbage disposal, it’s time to call (804) 364-9040 or contact Short Pump Heating & Air.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Richmond, VA

When your garbage disposal jams or breaks, a trusted local plumber at Short Pump Heating & Air can quickly respond, diagnosing and fixing the problem efficiently.

Early diagnosis and repair can save your plumbing system from unnecessary clogs further down the water lines.

Let our experienced team repair your broken garbage disposal before it clogs up your plumbing system.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance: What Not To Dispose

You can avoid garbage disposal breakdowns, jams, and clogs by being mindful of the items that should (and shouldn’t) go down. Here’s a handy outline of what your disposal can handle (and what it can’t).

Food waste that can clog your disposal and, therefore, that should not be put through it includes:

  • Celery and other stringy veggie waste
  • Potato peelings
  • Pumpkin seeds, peach pits, walnut shells
  • Chicken skin or bones
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Fat or cooking oil
  • Starchy foods like pasta or rice

Food that garbage disposals can handle in small amounts include:

  • Chopped food
  • Soft food
  • Liquids or liquefied food

To avoid clogs and garbage disposal problems, use these easy maintenance tips:

  • Start the disposal so the blades are already running before you drop/pour food in.
  • Run water to help carry the food through the grinding process.
  • Use cold water only.

Don’t put up with a broken garbage disposal for one more minute.

Contact the experts at Short Pump Heating & Air at (804) 364-9040 today.

Get Garbage Disposal Service from Expert Plumbers in Richmond

At Short Pump Heating & Air, our team knows all the ins and outs of garbage disposals. Whether you have a clogged or broken disposal or you’re ready to upgrade your current unit, you can count on our friendly, experienced plumbers.

Our well-trained, certified team can handle any garbage disposal service, and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Call Short Pump Heating & Air at (804) 364-9040 or contact us for garbage disposal services in Short Pump or Richmond, VA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my garbage disposal so loud?

A few things can make your garbage disposal louder or make strange noises — each has a unique sound. If you hear a loud rattling noise from your garbage disposal, it’s likely something has fallen in that it can’t grind.

A loud rattling noise could indicate less common and more serious problems, including a loose bearing in the motor or loose impeller plates. If you hear a loud hum and nothing grinds up, your disposal might be jammed.

Why isn’t my garbage disposal working?

Many things can stop your garbage disposal from working. If it doesn’t seem to be powering on, you might have a flipped breaker at your electrical panel or the internal breaker that you can reset by pushing a button on the unit.

If it’s humming or vibrating, it might be jammed. If it churns water and food waste, but water accumulates without draining, you likely have clogged drains from accumulated gunk that’s passed through your disposal and made a home for itself.

Can I replace my garbage disposal myself?

Like any DIY project involving plumbing, there are some substantial risks and potential frustrations involved in replacing your own garbage disposal — and some potential problems are complicated by the fact that you’re dealing with a heavy electronic device that needs to be carefully and completely secured.

If you’re not already confident in your plumbing knowledge, it’s best to hire a professional to ensure the disposal is installed correctly.

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