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HVAC Service Myths

Posted On: January 9, 2020

Whether you’re a new homeowner or still learning how to best maintain your home’s HVAC system, there is a lot of information out there that can be confusing and just plain wrong. Here are four common myths about HVAC systems we want you to know: Myth #1: The biggest HVAC system is always the best.…

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Standby Generator

Posted On: January 9, 2020

Everyone has, at one time or another, been caught in a winter storm and the power goes out. Sometimes these outages only last a couple of hours, but others can last for days. While this can be very inconvenient and unexpected for families, a backup generator can be a great solution to keeping your family…

Tips to Prevent Accidental Household Fires

Posted On: January 9, 2020

With winter in full swing, temperatures low, and home heating units in use, having your system serviced can be essential to staying safe and warm this season. December, January, and February are high-fire-risk months. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), heating equipment is the number two cause of home fires. Of those, 64%…

10 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Service Company

Posted On: December 19, 2019

We realize that choosing a company to service or replace your HVAC systems is a big decision. When letting someone into your home and around your family, you want to be sure the company has trustworthy, clean, honest, and respectful technicians.  Here are 10 helpful questions to ask your potential HVAC service provider. Is regular…

The WHY, WHEN, and HOW to Flush Your Water Heater

Posted On: December 19, 2019

A water heater is one of those things that most people take for granted until the hot water goes out. Many water heaters can run for years without any issues and they will rarely cross your mind. When they do break, it becomes a major headache. Like most appliances, water heaters require periodic maintenance to…

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