Heat Pump Installation in Richmond

heat pump unit outside of houseDo you need a new heat pump installed in your Richmond home? Is your current heat pump or HVAC system on the verge of failure? When you need a professional, energy-efficient heat pump installation or replacement, turn to our experts at Short Pump Heating & Air.

Our company has been serving the Richmond area for almost a century, and we offer a full selection of heating and air conditioning services, from new installations and replacements to repairs and routine maintenance. With our experienced, certified technicians, and our unparalleled dedication to customer service, you can count on us for all your HVAC needs in Richmond, Tuckahoe, Manakin-Sabot, Glen Allen, or West End.

Is your heat pump due for replacement? Stop searching for “heat pump installation near me.” Instead, call Short Pump Heating & Air today at (804) 362-8258 or contact us online to schedule a heat pump installation in Richmond!

Why Install a New Heat Pump?

A heat pump offers both heating and cooling in one system, and today’s models are more efficient and effective than ever. In the winter, they can extract heat from the outside air even in sub-freezing temperatures, bringing it inside to heat your home. In the summer, heat from your home is absorbed into the refrigerant at the evaporator, and then the refrigerant is transported to the outdoor condenser, where the heat is released into the open air.

By installing a modern, energy-efficient heat pump in your Richmond home, you can enjoy several benefits:

  • Lower energy costs – Heat pumps are more cost-effective than electric resistance heating, and they are cost-competitive with both furnaces and air conditioners.
  • No gas service needed – Because heat pumps use only electricity, they are ideal for areas that lack natural gas service.
  • Provides both heating and cooling – There is no need for a separate furnace and air conditioner with a heat pump, reducing maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Improved comfort – Compared to older heat pumps, today’s models are more efficient, more effective, quieter, and they offer better air quality.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a heat pump for your home in Richmond, Midlothian, or Mechanicsville, contact us today.

What to Expect When Installing a New Heat Pump

Whether you are installing a new heat pump or upgrading from an older model, our expert technicians at Short Pump Heating & Air can help. We offer both heat pump installation and replacement, and our team will use all best practices to maximize the performance and efficiency of your system. Our installation process includes:

  • Removing any current equipment, if present
  • Calculating heating and cooling loads for your home
  • Selecting a heat pump with the proper capacity and features
  • Installing the condenser unit, air handler, refrigerant lines, and electrical service
  • Installing air ducts and accessories like thermostats, if necessary
  • Charging and testing the system
  • Explaining its care and operation

We install heat pumps from Carrier and other top manufacturers, and we also offer complete heat pump maintenance and repair services to keep your system running smoothly.

Contact us today to request a heat pump replacement or installation quote in the Richmond area.

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short pump heating and air employees standing in front of truckWould you like a reliable, efficient heating and cooling solution for your Richmond home? Call Short Pump Heating & Air for a professional heat pump installation. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible, and we do not consider the job done until you are 100% satisfied.

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