Professional Electrical Repair in Richmond, VA

The concept of whole-house wellness is not a new one. Years ago, homeowners retained one person to oversee plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems. They called that person a “handyman,” and no one knew homes better than the local handyman.

Today, homeowners in the Henrico County area want that same service. Homeowners and home professional services have a focus on cleaner air and water. Technology is constantly improving our lives, so you want trained technicians who know available options.

For electrical troubleshooting and repair, you want Short Pump Heating & Air. Our electricians and service technicians are licensed, trained, insured, and bonded. We’re up to date with the latest technologies for today’s homes.

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Common Electrical Repairs for Richmond Homes

DIY electrical repairs are never a good idea. Did you know if your DIY electrical repairs cause property damage, your insurance company can deny coverage? And you’re nobody’s hero if you electrocute yourself or the family pet.

Common problems that need professional electrical repair can include:

  • Buzzing noises: If a light switch makes a buzzing sound, there’s a switch or wiring problem that needs attention.
  • Circuit breakers tripping: Continual circuit breaker tripping requires professional attention. Your circuit breaker has a safety feature that trips off the electricity for good reason:
    • Arc fault
    • Circuit is overloaded
    • Deterioration/old circuit breaker
    • Ground fault
    • Short circuit
  • Dead outlets: Sometimes, an outlet “goes bad” or its wiring is faulty.
  • Flickering lights: Whether one or several rooms, flickering lights are a warning sign. Make sure the lightbulbs are properly screwed in place. Other issues could be a bad switch, faulty wiring, or an overloaded circuit.
  • GFCIs broken: The ground fault circuit interrupters on outlets or breakers can trip occasionally. If it happens repeatedly, there’s a problem, and it could be quite dangerous.
  • High electric bills: If your monthly energy bills spike, don’t ignore them. You could have:
    • Damaged wires or circuits
    • Leakages in electrical system
    • Outdated appliances pulling too much power
  • Lightbulb burnouts: Don’t laugh. The how-many-does-it-take-to-screw-in-a-lightbulb jokes aren’t that funny when one or more locations have repeated lightbulb burnout. It could be due to voltage, wiring, or circuitry issues. It could be a light switch, holder, or even airflow problems.
  • Shocks: Any switches or outlets that deliver a small shock are also delivering a big red flag.

Do you suspect you have an electrical problem in your home? Phone calls are free. Let’s discuss best- and worst-case scenarios rather than ignore what might be an easy fix.

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Annual Electrical Maintenance Prevents Repairs

It’s that simple: If you schedule a once-a-year electrical inspection, we can pinpoint problem areas. We’ll be honest about how long you can delay repair and share if it’s something that shouldn’t be sidelined.

Routine inspections have revealed:

  • Loose connections (fire hazard)
  • Outdated wiring
  • Over-burdened electric panel
  • Voltage surges (can damage expensive appliances)

If you have power strips in one or more rooms to accommodate electronics, you’re not alone. We are using (and charging) more electronics than ever before. Upgrading electrical wiring and circuitry is a common home improvement project.

Property loss you can manage. But there’s never a good reason to risk your loved ones’ health or lives. Before you tackle any electrical repair, ask your Short Pump Heating & Air professionals if you can DIY or if you need help. Your safety really is our priority. 

Put our phone number in your contacts list under “E” for “electrician.” When you need help fast, we’ll be there for you. Call 804-364-9040 or contact Short Pump Heating & Air for more information.

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