Company Mission & History

Gaithright's Inc. Provided HVAC Services in Richmond, VA in the Early 1900sAt Short Pump Heating & Air, our mission is to:

  • Be the best home service company our customers have ever experienced
  • Have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, employees and our entire community

Our History

In 2003, Chuck Seay officially formed Short Pump Heating & Air (SPHA). Our origins began well before then, however. In fact, they go back more than 100 years through the evolution of a couple of other family businesses.

Gathright's Sells HVAC AppliancesIn the Beginning…

In the early 1900s, Chuck’s family started a company in Richmond called Gathright’s Incorporated. Gathright’s was one of the pioneer providers of heating and cooling services in the Richmond area.

Throughout the early 20th Century, Gathright’s continued to be a leader in Richmond’s heating and cooling industry.

After World War II, the demand for home appliances (like refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) skyrocketed. They were the craze at that time.

Gathright’s opened retail store locations to sell appliances. It also continued to service and repair appliances, as well as heating and cooling equipment.

This continued through the ‘50s, ’60s, and ‘70s.

Gathright's Offers Heating & Cooling Services in RichmondChuck Takes the Reigns

After Chuck’s father passed away unexpectedly in 1978, Chuck, at the age of 21, took over Gathright’s operations full time. At the time, the business included multiple appliance retail stores, along with home appliance, heating, and cooling repair service.

Once the “big box” stores started focusing on selling appliances in the late ‘80s to early ‘90s, Chuck decided to move on from the retail sales business completely. He began focusing exclusively on the home service side of the home appliance and air conditioning business. The company then became known as Chuck Seay’s Service, and Chuck gave the Gathright’s name to his brother. Chuck’s brother still owns Gathright’s, which is currently an appliance repair business in Deltaville, VA.

Fast forward several years, and Chuck began doing more and more heating and AC repair for his customers on top of the appliance repair work. As the cost for new appliances became cheaper and cheaper, so did the value of appliance repair services.

Short Pump Heating & Air Is Born

That leads us to 2003 when Chuck began focusing mainly on heating and air conditioning installation and repair. That’s when he formed Short Pump Heating & Air as a distinct company.

In 2007, Chuck met Ryan Lancaster in a random chance encounter at a job site. They had a brief conversation and kept in touch over the next few months. After several meetings, Ryan and Chuck decided to partner up. At this time, Ryan had 15 years of experience in the heating and AC industry in the Richmond area, and he was very well respected in the HVAC industry.

In 2008, SPHA hired Jessica young as a receptionist. Since then, she has grown with the business, and she’s presently our general manager. Chuck and Ryan met Jessica when she was their waitress at a local restaurant. They loved her personality so much they decided to offer her a job!

In late 2008, Chuck’s son, Matt graduated from Virginia Tech and joined the company full time. Matt had been working with his dad since the start of the business when he was very young, working at SPHA every summer and during other breaks from school.

Through the years, SPHA has built an amazing team of service and installation technicians, as well as office staff.

We focus on being the best home service company you could imagine, and we work hard each day to constantly improve and “wow” our loyal customers.

While light plumbing work was part of the business in the past, in 2011, an official plumbing division was established.

In 2019, we added a new electrical division, and we continue to grow stronger each year.

As we look forward to what the future brings, we know that we want to continue to be your local home service provider for all of your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs!

At Short Pump Heating & Air, our customers mean the world to us!

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