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You don’t think about it often, but the one household fixture we value the most is likely the toilet. Let’s face it: When your toilet has problems, the entire household has problems.

Toilet Problems

One of the obvious toilet problems is when the bowl is cracked or broken. Porcelain is a cost-effective material for toilets, and if it ain’t broken, you don’t need to fix it. You may be able to repair a chip, but if your toilet has a large crack, consider replacement.

Other toilet problems you may encounter include:

  • Dripping noise heard after flush
  • Strong, but it doesn’t empty bowl
  • Takes too long to fill bowl
  • Takes too long to flush
  • Tank fills with water after flush
  • Toilet bowl water is too low
  • Toilet flushes twice
  • Tub and/or sink “gurgle” after toilet flushes
  • Weak flush; you need more than one flush to empty bowl
  • “Whistles” when tank is filling

Repair or Replace: How to Choose

The average toilet replacement in the U.S. is around $150, plus the cost of the toilet itself (around $500, on average). Adding a new drain pipe may cost an additional $1,875 or more. Ask your local plumber what the charge is to remove your old toilet. (If you want to save $30-$50, you can haul it away yourself.)

If you and your toilet share a birth year, it’s probably time to replace it. The good news is, replacement toilets are usually money-savers because they use less water. And they increase your property value, so a new toilet is a pretty good investment!

Consider replacement, not repair, if:

  • Age – Your toilet is 25+ years old
  • Crack in the bowl below the waterline
  • Frequent clogs
  • Leaks – Puddles and visible water on the floor
  • Needs repair too often – At some point, it’s more cost-effective to replace the toilet than to keep repairing its working parts. And a toilet has several working parts:
    • Bowl refill tube
    • Bowl-to-floor seal
    • Filler tube
    • Float arm
    • Float ball
    • Flush valve
    • Flush valve chain
    • Inlet tube
    • Inlet valve
    • Overflow tube
    • Tank lever
    • Tank-to-bowl gasket
  • Running – Replacing the flapper may solve the problem, but if the toilet problem persists, consider replacing the system
  • Water bill increases – That’s a sign you may have an invisible but problematic plumbing leak
  • Won’t flush

New and Improved: Toilet Technology

Even if you don’t want a green toilet shaped like a frog, you still have a lot of choices. There are colors, lights, and technology additions. And, yes: We now have smart toilets.

Some of the most interesting innovations include:

  • RollBot® – Charmin’s robot fetches the toilet paper for you. And SmellSense™ by Charmin lets you know there’s a bad smell in the bathroom (in case you missed it).
  • Shine Bathroom® – This technology uses salt water to clean the toilet and “mists” the toilet with a deodorizer/cleaner after every flush.
  • Talking toilet – You can talk to your Kohler toilet’s built-in Alexa, and she usually has something smart to say. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet™ comes with built-in Bluetooth, a heated seat, and a bidet.
  • Touchless toilet – These may become a very real asset in a world where cross-contamination is deadly. A hand-wave triggers the sensor, though many models come with a traditional flusher as well.

Professional Toilet Installation with Short Pump Heating & Air

The reason toilet repair and replacement shouldn’t be DIY jobs is that what you can’t see can hurt you. Older properties with older toilets have older plumbing. If you DIY your own toilet replacement and damage occurs later because of plumbing issues, your insurance may deny coverage.

Plumbing maintenance by a reputable, local plumbing company is the best investment you can make, especially if you have a historical or older property.

At Short Pump Heating & Air, we believe in whole-house wellness. Everything – your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing – depends on each other for a healthier home. That kind of knowledge makes us your one-stop shop for your home’s maintenance and repairs.

We’re proud we have many years of family-business experience. That’s how we can provide the most knowledgeable service to our friends and neighbors (like you). You can depend on us for the highest quality work at the most affordable prices.

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