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Heating Installation by Short Pump Heating & Air of Richmond, VAAs we approach the colder months in Richmond, it’s important to carefully consider your furnace’s health. If your furnace is on the older side, or if you’ve been calling the repairman more often than not, it might be time to think about furnace installation and replacement services.

The last thing we want at Short Pump Heating & Air is for you and your loved ones to be stuck in a cold home with a broken furnace. Not to mention, furnace installation is a highly complicated, and at times dangerous, process that needs to be taken seriously. It’s best to leave your furnace replacement and installation services in the hands of a professional, which is why the team at Short Pump Heating & Air is here for you!

There’s nothing more important to our crew than providing you with the highest quality heating installation services possible! Call (804) 364-9040 or contact us online to start working with the Short Pump Heating & Air team today.

Why Should I Replace My Furnace, Not Repair It?

The decision to replace your furnace is a significant investment. It can take some time to consider the overarching benefits of furnace installation. Luckily, the team at Short Pump Heating & Air has put together some of the advantages for you:

  • Your home will be more energy-efficient. A new furnace equals newer technology and modern design. And these features result in furnaces using a lot less energy than older models, meaning your energy bill will be lower at the end of the month!
  • Our technicians will be able to detect any issues with your home’s entire heating system. When a Short Pump Heating & Air technician comes to your home for a furnace installation, they’ll also be able to inspect your home for any additional issues you may be facing with your heating system.
  • You’ll be nice and cozy during Richmond’s colder months. It might sound obvious, but a newer furnace is just going to work better. It’s going to keep your home much warmer and more comfortable, even when our central VA temperatures drop below freezing.

If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits and much more, call Short Pump Heating & Air now at (804) 364-9040 or contact us online!

Why Choose Short Pump Heating & Air?

behind shot of short pump heating and air truckAt Short Pump Heating & Air, we are dedicated to providing you and your home with the highest quality service possible. We’ve been serving our local Richmond community, including the River Road, Manakin Sabot, and Tuckahoe areas, for over 40 years. Our company is locally owned and operated, and all of our technicians go above and beyond to service your home with respect and timeliness. We strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction!

Want to learn more about Short Pump Heating & Air’s heating and furnace installation services? Call (804) 364-9040 or fill out our contact form online to talk to a member of our team.

Furnace Installation FAQs

Can I install my own furnace?

NO. Installing a furnace needs to be done by a licensed HVAC professional. Here in Virginia, we’re DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) – and that’s okay for many projects, but it’s never a good idea to install your furnace. Even the DIY websites say, “This is a very dangerous proposition, particularly if you are working with natural gas and electricity.” Just don’t do it.

How much does it cost to install a furnace?

There are many variables. It’s a real pain when the answer is “It depends,” but … it depends. Installing a gas furnace is different than a heat pump, which is different than an electric unit, and so on. HomeAdvisor says you can guesstimate $5,500 for installing or replacing a furnace. The cost of equipment, labor, and materials can be between $2,605-$6,306. A gas furnace is more ($3,800-$10,000), but if it is high-efficiency, it can save more money in the long run. Electric units are about $7,000, with labor costs between $500-$2,000.

Why is furnace installation so expensive?

Furnace installation is so expensive because it’s never a cookie-cutter job. There are so many unpredictables that HVAC professionals must consider all possibilities. You want the best materials, not unreliable, made-out-of-country parts. You want a knowledgeable installation professional, not somebody’s untrained niece or nephew.
If a furnace company offers much lower furnace installation pricing than others, you may find they encounter “surprises” during the project. Surprises always cost more. You might discover — after the Fly By Night Furnace Company has left town — inferior materials or even unsafe installation methods were used. Basically, furnace installation is so expensive because it requires careful, quality work, and you and your loved ones deserve the best possible service.

Our family has served families like yours for over 75 years. Because we live here too, furnace installation for our friends and neighbors is driven by safety and affordability. We’ll be here when you need us. If you have questions, call 804-364-9040 or contact Short Pump Heating & Air today.

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