Whole-Home Generator Systems & Service in Short Pump & Richmond, VA

If a severe storm, blown transformer, or electrical wiring issue in your Richmond area home causes a power outage, keeping your house safe and your family comfortable are usually top priorities. Whole-home generators provide the assurance you need to weather power outages without anxiety.

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Backup Generators Keep Homes Running Smoothly

Automatic backup or standby generators are designed to swing into action immediately after a power cut so that you can continue to run crucial electrical items, such as:

  • Lighting and security systems
  • Appliances, like your fridge, freezer, and cooktop
  • Home comfort systems, like your heating and cooling systems

You can also get advanced features, like a Wi-Fi enabled backup generator, so you can easily monitor the device from your smartphone or computer.

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Types of Whole-Home Generators

When selecting a whole-home generator, there are a few options to consider:

  • Manual generators: These types of generators have a manual switch that must be flipped by someone to run the generator whenever the power goes out. While manual generators can be a more affordable option upfront, they can be less convenient because someone will have to be home to activate the generator during a power outage.
  • Automatic generators: With an automatic transfer switch (ATS), these generators automatically activate in a power outage. So, whenever you’re not at home and the power goes out, there’s nothing to worry about; your generator will instantly kick on, continuing to supply power to your home.
  • Air-cooled whole-house generatorsAir-cooled generators can work for a smaller home with less electrical needs, providing a maximum of approximately 20 kilowatts (kW) of electricity.
  • Liquid-cooled whole-house generators: More expensive than air-cooled options, liquid-cooled generators can supply up to about 150 kW of power. This can make them better options for larger homes and great electrical needs.

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Short Pump or Richmond Area Home

When selecting a whole-house generator, a few of the most important factors to consider are your electrical needs and the size of your home. If the power goes out, do you want (or need) to be able to run all of your household appliances, electronics, or systems? Or do you only need to run certain essentials?

As you weigh out your options, here’s a helpful guide to how much power, in watts, common household items typically require:

  • Refrigerator: 700 W
  • Freezer: 600 W
  • Electric cooktop or stove: 1000 to 1500 W
  • Microwave oven: 600 to 1000 W
  • AC system (10,000 BTU): 1500 W
  • Desktop computer: 200 to 400 W
  • Laptop: 25 to 85 W
  • Clothes washer: 1000 to 2500 W

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Benefits of Backup Generators

If your power goes out any time after you’ve installed a standby power generator at home, you’ll:

  • Never have to worry about food going bad
  • Be able to keep your home and family comfortable
  • Have peace of mind that your pipes won’t ever freeze or burst in freezing temperatures
  • Be able to charge all of your portable electronics, from your cellphone to your tablet
  • Know that your home security system is still protecting you
  • Enjoy many other benefits

Whole-Home Generator Installation Services

At Short Pump Heating & Air, we install all types and sizes of whole-house generators in Short Pump and Richmond area homes. Once installed, your generator is integrated into your home’s electrical grid. Power outages will automatically trigger your backup generator (if you choose an automatic model), giving you a reliable, turnkey solution whenever your home loses power.

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Whole-Home Generator Repair & Maintenance Service

Once you’ve invested in a standby generator, make sure it’s ready to power your home—anytime you might need it—with reliable repairs and routine preventative maintenance.

While repairs can restore your generator when problems happen, maintenance is the key to avoiding problems and keeping your generator ready to run efficiently. Plus, maintenance service is usually required under many manufacturer warranties.

At Short Pump Heating & Air, we provide the complete range of generator services, from simple and complex repairs to thorough tune-up services.

Our whole-home generator maintenance services include:

  • Oil and filter replacements
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Testing and calibration
  • And more

Make sure you’re prepared for electrical outages. Get a backup generator and keep it well serviced with the team at Short Pump Heating & Air.

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