Summer Electrical Tips

Posted On: June 22, 2020

The sun is out, kids are jumping in the pool, and you’re ready to fire up the grill: summer is here! The only problem with summertime is that people often neglect proper electrical safety. While there are always electrical hazards in a home with electricity, summertime presents additional risks, which you and your family should be aware of.

Luckily, Short Pump Heating & Air has come up with the top five electrical safety tips to keep you safe this summer!

  1. Keep Cords & Electrical Equipment Away from Water: Between swimming, water gun fights, gardening, and more, there are always reasons to be around water in the summer. With that additional water around and our devices always close by, it’s too easy for someone to slip and fall over a cord, or even to get shocked because they were using a device where they shouldn’t have been. As a rule of thumb, it’s a smart idea not only to keep wires and electrical equipment away from water but also cover up any outlets that may be at risk of getting splashed or wet.
  2. Unplug Devices During Thunder Storms: Lightning and thunder are a lot more common in the hot summer months, and often lead to blackouts and power surges. Because your appliances can get damaged during a power surge, you should unplug televisions, computers, and other expensive equipment you do not want to risk losing if you know a big storm is about to hit.
  3. Consider Purchasing a Standby Generator: With power outages from summer storms that often occur, you may want to consider buying a backup generator for your home this summer. Longer-term power outages can cause the obvious inconvenience of a dark house, as well as no working appliances, no hot water, uncomfortable temperatures in the home, and food spoilage. Short Pump Heating & Air offers standby generator installation and maintenance.
  4. Go Unplugged: Vampire power can really drain you, sucking up 5% of your power bill or more. Not only is it a drain on your electric bill, but cords that are unnecessarily plugged in become a potential electrical hazard, especially near flammable objects such a carpet, fabric, or wood. TVs, computers, microwaves, and cell phone chargers are smaller devices you should try to unplug or plug into a power strip, flipping them off when they’re not in use, will save your electrical system unnecessary stress and keep your family safer!
  5. Get Your Home Inspected: Ensuring your home’s electrical system meets all NEC and local codes will give you peace of mind and improved safety for you and your family. Short Pump Heating & Air provides a thorough inspection for several electrical systems, including service panel, outlets, switches, wiring, light fixtures, appliance circuits, and more!

For more information on electrical safety or to speak with one of our expert electricians on electrical maintenance for your home, call 804-364-9040 today!

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