4 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing in Springtime

Posted On: May 20, 2022

water heater in houseWith spring in full swing, there’s still time to prepare your plumbing system for the change of temperatures and seasons.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to prepare your plumbing for summer, and Short Pump Heating & Air is happy to share a few things you should cross off your to-do list this spring:

  1. Check your faucets: Run all your outdoor and indoor faucets on cold and hot temperature settings. Any that haven’t been used in a while may spray out unevenly, but give it a minute. If the pressure still seems low, it may mean you have a leak somewhere. If so, call Short Pump Heating & Air, and our expert plumbers will come out and investigate. 
  2. Check exposed pipes: We might have told you last fall to be sure to winterize your pipes. If you never got around to it, this is particularly important. Take a look at your pipes and inspect for cracks, discoloration, moss, or mold growing.  If you see a crack, call a plumber. If you see any of the other signs, it could mean they’re hiding a crack and need further investigation by you or a plumber.
  3. Flush your water heater: It’s good practice to flush your water heater annually or semi-annually to avoid buildup and maintain clean, safe water.
  4. Check your toilet for leaks: To check for a toilet leak, drop a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank.  Wait a few minutes to see if any of the coloring trickles down into your toilet bowl. If there is coloring in the bowl, you should call a plumber to find the leak and repair it.

If you find any problems during your plumbing inspection, call Short Pump Heating & Air at 804-364-9040.

Our expert, certified plumbers will take care of you and get your home ready for summer.

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