Your HVAC System and the Holidays – 4 Safety Tips!

Posted On: December 7, 2021

The holiday season is here! Many have gotten their decorations and hung up the lights. As you prepare and get into the spirit of things, you also need to make sure your HVAC system is in tiptop shape to keep your home warm and safe.

Short Pump Heating & Air wants to gift you with a few safety tips for your HVAC system.

  1. Don’t Cover Your Thermostat: For those intense decorators, you might be tempted to cover your thermostat with decorations so you can achieve the most festive home. This can cause issues with accurate temperature readings in the home and prevent your system from doing its job efficiently.
  2. Check Your Outdoor Unit: Take time to check your outdoor unit this holiday season as temperatures drop and change. Although it’s built to endure harsh weather conditions, it still needs to have leaves and snow cleared and proper care and maintenance to work efficiently.
  3. Keep Flammable Items Away: With all the beautiful and flammable decorations (fabrics, papers, holly, etc.) that come with the holidays, be careful where you place them. Avoid any heat-generating appliances or outlets, and avoid putting anything near the fireplace.
  4. Schedule HVAC Preventive Maintenance: When the heat goes out on a chilly day, it can ruin the holiday cheer! If you haven’t already, call Short Pump Heating & Air to come out and service your heating system, so you are ready for the frigid weather.

The holidays only happen once a year and are so special, so be sure to take all the precautions for your home to ensure your safety and comfort!

Call 804-364-9040 if you have any heating issues or want to schedule your annual preventive maintenance.

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