HVAC Maintenance Tips To Save Money This Fall

Posted On: September 3, 2021

You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again — annual HVAC inspections are essential to reducing repair costs over time! Every homeowner should be aware of the simple things they can do as the seasons change to help support annual maintenance done by a professional. With summer coming to an end, Short Pump Heating & Air wanted to provide some maintenance tips to help you save money this fall.

  1. Replace your dirty filters – Not only is it a safety precaution, but regularly changing your filters can help your system run more efficiently and prevent bigger problems from occurring.
  2. Protect and clean your outdoor systems – The parts of your HVAC system that are exposed to outdoor environmental elements year-round should be regularly inspected, cleaned off, and protected. Systems are built to withstand outdoor weather, but additional debris buildup can cause problems. During the spring and summer months, inspect your unit for pollen, grass, and mulch. During the fall months, make sure leaves and debris are removed from the unit.
  3. Remove objects potentially blocking airflow – Inspect your home for any pieces of furniture or objects that may be blocking your system’s registers. This blockage can cause strain on your system by obstructing proper indoor heat circulation.
  4. Do a once-over on your equipment – The overall condition of your system should be a primary concern of your fall HVAC maintenance inspection. Before calling the experts, check out your system to see if anything looks out of place, rusty, dusty, or cracked. Also, keep your ear out for any strange noises. Communicate anything you see on your next maintenance visit so the technician can replace any parts that appear to be worn to avoid causing further damage.

These simple steps can have a significant impact by keeping your equipment working properly and in good condition for the fall. And if you’re considering replacing your HVAC system altogether, Short Pump offers free estimates.

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