How Much Does a New Gas Furnace Cost?

Posted On: January 01, 2019

If anyone has every been in the market for a new gas furnace, I am sure you have noticed that prices can vary significantly. I am sure you are not surprised, but it is difficult to give an exact price on a new gas furnace without looking at the job in person.

This article is to serve as a guideline to explain what impacts the different cost differences, and provide ballpark pricing on new gas furnace installations. Also note this article is referring to forced air gas furnaces (not boilers).

The first thing to think about that will impact the price of a new furnace is the efficiency. (also referred to as AFUE). Furnaces range anywhere from a standard 80% efficiency up to 98% efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the lower the cost of operation. AFUE is referring to the percentage of heat that is produced by the furnace that actually enters the home. The remaining exits as exhaust through a vent pipe or chimney. The higher the furnace efficiency, the more expensive the gas furnace.

The next thing that can impact the price is the BTU of the furnace. This refers to the size or heating capacity of the furnace. The larger the space, typically the higher the BTU that is needed to heat the area. The higher the BTU, the more expensive the gas furnace.

Another major factor in the pricing of a gas furnace is the comfort/efficiency upgrades available. A variable speed blower motor is a common upgrade in a gas furnace. The helps with overall comfort and energy efficiency. Furnaces can also have 2 stage, or multistage gas valves. This controls the level of gas flow into the system. It allows less gas into the furnace when less heat is required. This is another feature that helps with comfort and energy efficiency. Both of these features would add to the cost of a new gas furnace.

The difficulty of the installation plays a large factor in the price of a new gas furnace. How much space is there to work in? Where in the home is the furnace? How much duct work is needed? What type of venting is required? What other materials are needed for ta professional installation? This is why an onsite visit is typically required to provide an exact price on a new furnace.

A standard 80% efficient gas furnace will usually range between $2,500-$3,500 installed.

A high efficiency 96% efficiency with variable speed fan and other upgrades can be $4,500-$5,500 installed.

Other models can fall anywhere in between these prices.

We hope this gives you a guideline of what to look for when installing a new gas furnace and things that can impact the overall pricing. As always, Short Pump Heating and Air is here to help with all of your gas furnace needs. We repair all models of gas furnaces and provide free estimates on gas furnace replacements.

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