Ease Summer’s Demand on Your Electrical System

Posted On: June 4, 2021

The weather is heating up, and with it comes the demand on your electrical system. Don’t let your system work harder than it needs to. Short Pump Heating & Air has tips to help protect and lessen the load on your electrical system this summer.

  1. As much as half of your electric bill ― 30% to 50% ― comes from heating and cooling your home, making it one of the biggest stressors on your electrical system. Here are ways to minimize that burden:
  • Schedule a professional cleaning and tune-up once a year.
  • Keep your air filter clean (if it’s reusable) or change it out every one to three months (if it’s disposable).
  • Ensure your outdoor system is clear of debris and water.
  • Set your thermostat several degrees warmer when you are not home. A programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat makes this task much easier.
  1. The third-largest energy expense in your home is typically water heating. The hotter you keep your water temperature, and the more often it is used, the harder your electrical system works to keep up. Some ways to lighten the load:
  • Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees.
  • Turn hot water off when you are going to be on vacation.
  • Hot day? Take a lukewarm shower to cool you down faster than a hot one (or even a cold one).
  1. Using your stovetop or oven during the summer is another harsh and expensive strain on your electrical system. It makes your air conditioner and electrical system work even harder. Save some money and unnecessary work on your systems and fire up your grill instead.
  2. Turn off and unplug! Having lights on when not in use (or devices like laptops, TVs, and chargers) can put excess pressure on your electrical system. In the average home, lighting accounts for 12% of your energy bill, and electronic devices another 10% to 15%. Devices left plugged in while not in use can suck up to 5% or more of your power bill ― all for nothing. Some of the biggest “energy vampires” include TVs, computers, microwaves, and cell phone chargers. Start training yourself to unplug these items or plug them into a power strip and turn them off when not in use.

For more information on electrical issues and how to reduce strain on your electrical system, call 804-364-9040 or reach out online to speak with one of our expert electricians!


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