Benefits and Maintenance of Gas Logs

Posted On: August 3, 2021

Did you know that Short Pump Heating & Air now offers maintenance and repair services for gas logs?  In light of this, we wanted to provide some of the biggest benefits of having gas logs in a home and why it’s important to maintain these each year.

More and more homeowners are switching over to gas logs to enjoy the coziness of a warm fire without all the hassle. Gas logs have come a long way in technology, realistic appearance, and overall ease of use.

What Are the Benefits of Gas Logs?

The biggest reason for switching from fire to gas logs is less hassle. Burning wood involves either purchasing wood or chopping it yourself, which not everyone has access to. It can be too time-consuming for most working Americans to set up, maintain and keep a burning wood fireplace clean regularly. When firewood burns, a much greater amount of creosote and soot build up in the chimney and can cause dangerous chimney fires. While still important for safety reasons, cleanup and maintenance of gas log sets are much easier than burning wood.

A few other reasons include an easy, quick setup, environmental friendliness, and affordability. With all the options on today’s market, starting the fire may involve the quick flip of a switch, turning a knob, or pressing a button on a remote control. For those homeowners that are particularly environmentally conscious, there are fewer pollutants released into the air when you use natural gas or liquid propane instead of firewood. By most standards, gas log sets are reasonably affordable and a good investment if the alternative is buying wood each season.

Maintenance for Gas Log Fireplaces

The ultimate benefit of gas log fireplaces is easy maintenance. As convenient as gas logs are, regular maintenance is still essential. Gas log sets need to be maintained because they should not be used if there are cracks and breaks on the faux logs. To ensure safe operation, several components of gas fireplaces need to be checked routinely.

Call Short Pump Heating & Air at 804-364-9040 if you need a professional to inspect an issue with your gas fireplace or want it maintained to ensure you’re ready for the cozy fall weather!

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