Avoid These Dangerous DIY Home Electrical Repairs

Posted On: December 7, 2021

While handy homeowners can tackle many things on their own, there’s a reason an electrician gets a formal education to perform their job. In many instances, it’s crucial for your safety and savings to rely on the experts for electrical work.

At Short Pump Heating & Air, we want to offer four home electrical repairs you should avoid doing yourself. With electrical work, even the simplest mistake can lead to electrical damage to your home or equipment, a fire, or electrocution.

  1. Electrical Panel Work: As you bring more and newer electronics into your home, your electrical panel may become outdated. This can lead to tripped circuit breakers and can even be a fire hazard. It can be hard to determine if you need a repair or replacement, so be sure to call Short Pump Heating & Air to have one of our expert electricians help you find a safe solution.
  2. Wiring Upgrades: Whether your home is old or new, replacing, changing, or upgrading the electrical wiring in your home can be dangerous. If done incorrectly, it can result in fire damage or a failed inspection (when you sell your home). In most cases, it is not worth the risk and could cost a lot of money to fix. The smartest and safest option is to ask a licensed electrician to upgrade or replace your home’s wiring.
  3. Fan Installation: As simple as it may seem, installing ceiling or exhaust fans can be tricky and potentially dangerous if done incorrectly. Wiring is always dangerous to handle, but even minor mistakes can cause problems down the road. Incorrectly sealed exhaust vents can promote mold growth by releasing fumes back into your home. When installing a ceiling fan, if there is any gap between your ceiling and fan, a constant vibrating noise is the most common result.
  4. Circuit Installation and Upgrades: If you lack open outlets in your home and it’s a battle for who can use them, chances are your circuits need to be upgraded. If your circuits don’t have enough electrical capacity, it can lead to breakers that frequently trip or cut power. This can lead to costly bills and unreliable methods for using important equipment in your home. Short Pump Heating & Air can assess your electrical needs and expand your home’s electrical capacity.

Call the experts at 804-364-9040 if you have an electrical need or problem, and we’ll send one of our licensed, expert technicians to provide excellent service!

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